Adding spice to Yorkshire Provender.

Yorkshire Provender Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

The new range from Yorkshire Provender had a younger audience, so we created a new positioning and packaging which was more exotic and adventurous.

Inspired by their travels around the world, Yorkshire Provender's co-founders wanted to extend the range of soups they offered with the introduction of spicier flavours to help broaden the brand appeal and reach a younger audience. To understand the attitude and buying behaviour of this younger target market to soup we carried out an online survey, some accompanied shops and a research group. We also had a good look round the supermarket to see how brands in other categories had gone about creating sub-brands.

Our findings highlighted the need to keep the basic design elements of the Yorkshire Provender range as they worked so well, but we recognised the need to add a degree of differentiation. We introduced the 'Journeys in flavour' line, added sharper modern colours and more conversational product descriptors and images that captured an exotic, adventurous spirit. The new soups were successfully listed in the Co-op and Waitrose and now additional flavours are being added to the range.