Think, work, laugh, cry, debate, shop, eat, drink, share, create, together.

We are a team of strategists, designers and packaging specialists working together to make food brands stand out on shelf.

Our story so far

We’re more than a brand design consultancy. They all say that, but in our case it’s true. We’re a specialist strategic brand and packaging agency that’s totally dedicated to food. We started life 20 years ago, and with year-on-year success, we’ve opened offices in Leeds, London and Sydney. We’ve also consistently been listed in Design Week’s Top 100 consultancies.

Since inception, we’ve pulled together a team of inspirational strategists, planners, designers, writers and directors and now have our own consultant chef to add real world food industry insight. Drawing on everyone’s individual talents, knowledge and experience, we’ve created a dynamic work ethic that works. It delivers the one thing that every brand wants... creative, impactful work that actually generates results.

The heart of what we do

We help food brands grow. But all briefs are different. Sometimes we look at packaging, other times we develop a new brand strategy. Occasionally we will completely rethink a product. Whatever we do, we do it with the consumer in mind.

How we do it

Our approach is simple. We focus on what we call The Moment of Truth. The moment when a consumer is standing in front of your product. All the hours we spend plotting, planning, researching and designing lead here. When everything aligns, it delivers measurable results. It's a beautiful moment.

Find our more about our Moment of Truth model.

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We are always on the lookout for talented individuals, whether it’s for a permanent or freelance role, so please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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