We don’t just change packaging, we change people’s minds.

We’re bombarded every day with choice. It’s no longer good enough for food packaging to just look attractive; these days it has to work a lot harder. It needs to be the whole picture. A compelling story. An engaging identity. A distinctive way of talking. However they do it, brands need to turn heads to survive, let alone thrive.

We’re blessed with the power to change people’s minds. We listen, plan, research, debate and get out there in the relentless pursuit of the right idea. We’ve proven time and time again we have the talent to grow brands and create effective packaging that delivers measurable results.

We are specialists, we are food people.

We are here to help brands grow. To find out how we could help you, drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange an informal chat.

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Design Week Top 100

Design Week Top 100

CHILLI moves up 11 places in the latest Design Week Top 100 league of UK agencies.

Design Week ranks the 100 most successful independent UK design businesses across all sectors, based on total fee income, while also spotlighting, growth, turnover, projections and staffing levels.



Bakery brand Jacksons gets new look packaging.

The design brings a contemporary vibrancy to the range along with improving ease of navigation on shelf.
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