A new adventure for Pets at Home.

3 Peaks Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

Bringing to life a dog's love of the great outdoors through a distinctive rebrand.

3 Peaks is one of Pets at Home's key brands. A range created specifically for the most adventurous dogs. But the brand's design didn't quite capture that adventure. We knew it could reach new heights.

Our rebrand needed to deliver on the outdoor nature of the brand without feeling too wild. A design inclusiveof all breeds and all types of tough outdoor activity. So we set out to capture what the outdoor world means to customers.

We started with the brand identity. Creating a bespoke logo that made a subtle nod to the 3 Peaks within an immediately recognisable dog outline. Coupled with a bold colour palette, our new identity was hard to miss. Our packaging helped clearly convey key features and benefits to customers with simple illustrations. Giving 3 Peaks a look and feel worthy of grand adventures.