Getting a brand ready to roll.

Paul Hollywood Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

Our innovative packaging for Paul Hollywood Rolls kept them at the right temperature instore, and told their fresh new story.

The part-baked bread category wasn’t the most exciting in the world. Products had become predictable and shoppers were treating them as commodities and making their selection on price. Carrs decided to shake things up by joining forces with celebrity baker Paul Hollywood. Together they came up with a range of rather special ready to bake rolls. We helped them develop packaging that would tell people why they were so great.

We used a packaging format that let the rolls be kept at room temperature on ambient shelves, without the need for extra preservatives or additives. The format also provided a big area on top where we could talk about the process and ingredients that made the rolls taste so good. We used a device to tell people about the rolls’ slow fermented starter, introduced an enticing product descriptor and added a personal baker’s touch with a prominent quote from Paul Hollywood.

The range has established itself in the category and new varieties are in development.