New tricks for a well-known treat.
37% year-on-year sales uplift

Hartley's JellyDisciplines: Packaging

Hartley’s needed some new packaging for Halloween ‘monster jellies’. We made it cheeky and fun without losing the brand essence.

People love Hartley’s. In fact, they’re one of the UK's favourite jelly brands. Shoppers instantly recognise their distinctive packaging and heart branding. So when we set about creating some new Halloween packaging, it was important that we kept the essence of their much-loved brand. We also had to make the most of the spookiest day of the year without changing the jellies’ flavours or their packaging format.

Halloween is a lot of fun, so we came up with a really playful approach. It gave the pots loads of personality by turning them into a series of three monster characters. These ‘monster jellies’ were cheeky and funny, but included important elements of the existing Hartley’s branding to make sure they were recognisably part of the wider range. We also made the flavour descriptors more fun by giving them a spooky Halloween twist.

Year-on-year sales went up by 37%.