Having fun with a family favourite.

Cadbury MinisDisciplines: Packaging

Our work for Cadbury Mini Cones gave them character and fun. And we made sure the product was highly visible on pack.

R&R are innovative ice cream makers and some of their most exciting products are the ones they make for Cadbury. They had a brilliant idea for extending this range and asked us to help them launch a product that the UK had never seen before: Mini Cones. These frozen treats are perfect as a snack and we looked at packaging for the limited edition Cadbury Creme Egg version as well as the Cadbury Dairy Milk and Cadbury Crunchie varieties.

Mini Cones bring some real fun to the frozen aisle, so we took that sense of play into our product shots. We gave one cone some sunglasses and popped a woolly hat on another. Then we gave them a sense of bouncy movement to add even more life to the box. We thought the Creme Egg flavoured ice cream inside was far too delicious to hide away so we made sure that shoppers could see what was underneath the tasty chocolate shell.

The limited edition Creme Egg flavour makes a seasonal return at Easter and the other Mini Cones have become a popular part of the Cadbury ice cream range.