Making a big hit with mini rolls.

McVitie's Jaffa Cakes Mini Rolls Disciplines: Packaging

The shelf is a busy place, so we gave Jaffa Cakes Mini Rolls what they needed to stop people in their tracks.

Jaffa Cakes Cake Bars sell really well and rule the roost in their category, but sales of Jaffa Cakes Mini Rolls were nowhere near as good. One of the reasons was the competition. Cadbury Mini Rolls had a really strong presence. They had a well-known brand behind them, were available in loads of different varieties and simply took up most of the shelves in the category.

We did some research and found out some really interesting things. One was how shoppers behaved when they bought Mini Rolls. We discovered they tended to buy Mini Rolls with a purpose in mind, a common one being to fill their kids’ lunch boxes. So when they were shopping, people were looking specifically for Mini Rolls. With this is mind, we made the words Mini Rolls really prominent on the packaging and built the Jaffa Cakes brand around them. This was a complete change from their previous packaging, which had led with the Jaffa Cakes brand.

The new designs significantly improved the brand’s presence in a really busy category and the range was extended with a special summer limited edition.