A new adventure for Upstream.

Upstream Disciplines: Packaging

Clearly Drinks needed help redesigning the packaging for the relaunch of their contemporary Upstream drinks brand.

With a huge increase in consumer demand for non-alcoholic and sugar free soft drinks, Upstream wanted to capitalise on this growing trend with a bold new look for their products which would increase their appeal amongst this ever-expanding market space.

With an adventurous feel to the brand, their customer is focussed health and the great outdoors, and their branding and messaging needed to reflect this throughout, appealing to a demographic who are increasingly turning away from sugar loaded and sweetened options.

They wanted to emphasise the natural and clean-living elements of each drink, so we developed a simple yet punchy packaging design to reflect this powerful message and ramped up the colour palette highlighting each products natural fruit and flavour combinations.

Opting for a clean, contrasting background which clearly reinforces each drinks health credentials, the resulting look is simple and contemporary whilst delivering the refreshing flavour message across all areas in an updated and modern way.

Our revised pack architecture and on pack messaging delivers the Upstream adventurous tone in a younger, more contemporary way which combines to create strong shelf standout in a hugely competitive drinks market.