Bring on the flavour.

Beanies Disciplines: Packaging

When Beanies asked us to refresh both their branding and positioning within the market we clicked the kettle on immediately!

Enjoying an almost cult following for their range of flavoured coffees, Beanies were launching a number of new lines and wanted to create a more coherent and recognisable look, to bring them together as a unified range.

Our specialist inhouse strategy team worked closely with Beanies on the project which needed to highlight their bold, exciting and experimental ethos in a newly refreshed and engaging way.

An updated brand promise was created along with a new positioning to reflect the variety on offer and emphasise that each jar offered a different, guilt-free but indulgent experience, packed with flavour.

The redesign of the Beanies logo along with the packaging for their range of nearly 40 standalone products focussed on the need for more brand presence and our team created a new strengthened and streamlined design which would sing out from the shelves whilst still appealing to their already hugely loyal customer base.

At the forefront of the design work was also the need to deliver the fundamental flavour message and the team used an updated colour palette to reflect the brands adventurous and friendly tone whilst also differentiating between the variety of flavour options available.