Bringing back a retro favourite.
13.1% year-on-year sales increase

Barratt Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

Using retro charm for a modern audience, we were able to recapture the joys of childhood with Barratt.

British sweet brand Barratt have been a familiar presence on British shelves since 1848. So when Tangerine Confectionery asked us to reintroduce the childhood favourites Wham, Fruit Salad and DipDab, we jumped up and down at the chance.

Our plan was to capitalise on Barratt’s established retro feel, and appeal to the grown-ups wanting to reconnect with brands they loved in their youth. Why? We had learned from studies that simple pleasures like eating a DipDab helped people recapture the joys of their childhood - a phenomenon known as Kidulting.

We started by finessing the famous Barratt red tongue, keeping its classic retro charm but adding a lick of appeal for modern audiences.

The master brand style was strengthened in the packaging redesign by introducing concentric swirls in strong bold colours across the range. Thanks to a clear hierarchy and flexibility in the design style, the pillars of the brand like Sherbet Fountain and Black Jacks were able to retain their recognition.

The brand was extended into a range of “Sweetshop” favourites using the new Barratt branding, which allowed all the great products from the Tangerine Confectionery portfolio to sit under one umbrella.

The new brand was launched as part of Barratt’s 170th birthday celebrations.