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Toblerone Disciplines: Packaging

How we kept the distinctive Toblerone branding prominent and iconic on the new frozen dessert packaging, Toblerone Lava Cakes and Toblerone Cheesecake for their launch.

Almondy, the Swedish bakery, is known for making unique, delicious desserts. Having introduced a new Toblerone Lava Cake and Cheesecake to their range, they asked us to create some impactful packaging and delicious looking photography.

Chocolate lava cakes are massive in America. They love the different flavours, ranging from cheesecake to apple pie and even brownies. Tuck into Almondy’s Toblerone Lava Cakes and you’ll discover a rich chocolatey cake and a smooth, soft centre, topped with a lovely layer of melted Toblerone chocolate.

Initially for its US launch, we needed to make its packaging distinctly Toblerone, with a clear logo that really had impact on the small box, sold direct from the freezer. We retained the key colours, of warm creams and red, making it instantly recognisable. It was also important to highlight the triangular shapes unique to Toblerone, and the tiny nougat pieces nestling in the chocolate. We reinforced this authenticity using great photography. In the final shoot we captured all the details and showcased these delightful frozen cakes to the hungry shoppers. Clearly demonstrating how their favourite chocolate had been perfectly transformed into the tasty pudding.

Once we created the new design for the lava cakes, we then extended the look and feel onto the new Toblerone Cheesecake packaging. Following their launch, both are already taking the dessert category by storm, in the US and UK freezer aisles.