Turning Goode into Great.
31% year-on-year sales uplift

Henry Goode's Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

Taking Henry Goode’s to the next level as the UK’s number one soft eating liquorice brand with new branding and packaging.

We initially created the Henry Goode’s brand and designed the packaging for Tangerine Confectionery back in 2009 and it quickly became a leading player in the soft eating liquorice market. The client recently recognised there was an opportunity to build on this success by capitalising on the natural attributes of the product and bringing more character into the brand.

We started on an in-depth review of the brand and its assets to establish where we could make improvements, whilst being conscious it needed to be handled carefully if we were to take sales forward.

The brand identity was modernised through bespoke custom hand lettering and the updating of the illustration with the retention of the all-important Union Jack. The natural cues of the product were enhanced with simpler, more prominent photography and the addition of the ‘Naturally Goode’ sign-off, whilst the move away from the traditional ‘brown paper’ bag to a cleaner cream colour provided the perfect backdrop for the new packaging.

Since the redesign sales have increased by 31% and Henry Goode’s is now the UK’s bestselling soft eating liquorice brand.