A fresh and foodie brand proposition, to go.

Co-op Disciplines: Packaging

The Co-op tasked CHILLI with redesigning it’s Food to Go packaging to better reflect the quality and freshness of its sandwiches, salads and on the go snacks.

Our brief was simple. Take the existing packaging, which had remained more or less unchanged for four years and create a new design that positioned the Co-op as the first choice destination to buy food on the go. We knew what customers were looking for - freshness, health, convenience, easy product differentiation, clarity with regard to meal deals. Our challenge was to create a new suite of packaging that delivered on all of the above and encouraged shoppers to ‘Love Lunch’.

We began with research, including competitor analysis and a review of the existing brand and audience profiling, which formed the basis of our approach to the design. We knew we needed to create more standout on shelf, so the brown paper-style packaging was replaced with a cleaner cream background and a coloured strip to aid differentiation. We also introduced new ingredient photography to the front and side of the sandwich packaging as well as the ‘Love Lunch’ strapline, giving the range a foodie feel. When put to an online test with shoppers, the clarity of the new sandwich packaging also cut navigation times to an average of just 7.3 seconds.