A fresh and foodie brand proposition, to go.

CO-OP Food to Go Disciplines: Packaging

When the Co-op needed a fresh pair of eyes on their Food to Go range, naturally they turned to CHILLI for another helping of strategic design expertise.

Following the roll-out of the Co-op’s new branding, we needed to give the category a bit of TLC, encouraging shoppers to “Love Lunch” and positioning the Co-op as a first-choice destination for Food to Go, which included sandwiches, wraps, salads and snacks. To start with we embarked on a thorough research project, including competitor analysis, a review of the existing brand and audience profiling. This insight then formed the basis of our strategy; to create a brand that showcased freshness and quality, while also enabling faster product differentiation.

In an attempt to brighten up the range and create more standout on the shelf, the previous brown paper style packaging was replaced with a cleaner cream background and a coloured strip to aid differentiation. We also introduced new ingredient photography to the front and side of the sandwich packaging as well as the ‘Love Lunch’ strapline, giving the range a really foodie feel. When put to the online test with shoppers, the clarity of the new sandwich packaging also cut navigation times to an average of just 7.3 seconds.