Chicken Tonight still top of the pecking order

Chicken Tonight Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

Family favourite Chicken Tonight asked us to redesign its jars and new pouches to stay ahead with contemporary flavours and a fresh look.

Chicken Tonight’s cooking sauces are legendary. Manufacturer, Symington’s, tasked us with evolving the current identity, reviving the jars and designing their tasty new, pouch packaging. The single serve pouches have been developed to turn contemporary flavours like Aromatic Moroccan Lemon & Herb into more family favourites.

Our team aimed to enhance shelf stand out and make the meal suggestions more appealing, without losing the authentic feel of such an iconic brand. A classic black background gives photography and food cues far more prominence. While the updated, free-flowing logo with ‘Tonight’, underlined draws attention to the occasion.

Symington’s Marketing Director said, “Chicken Tonight is a much-loved brand, with a loyal customer base and we’re excited to rejuvenate it, and introduce it to new customers. Following extensive consumer research, we wanted to create a range of convenient modern restaurant style favourites to reflect more adventurous consumer tastes.”

For us it’s been a great brand to work on! It’s been fantastic to see how Chicken Tonight are developing new formats and recipes for the future. Working with a lot of heritage brands we were always mindful of the evolution process.

The new packaging for Chicken Tonight is available across the UK.