A rebrand with way more flavour.

Black GarlicDisciplines: Branding & Packaging

A new name needs new branding. So we made The Original Black Garlic look as distinctive as it tastes.

The Original Black Garlic expertly age raw garlic using nothing but heat and humidity. The result is a delicious sticky black garlic that’s perfect for cooking or snacking. Previously retailed under another name, Original Black Garlic challenged us to review their branding and design the packaging that would bring their new name to life.

We started by reviewing the market and saw an opportunity to create something simple yet truly distinctive. We created a new look and feel that saw the identity work like a branding stamp, adding a sense of sophistication and credibility. The packaging uses a creamy beige and soft green pallet to hero the new identity, illustrations of black garlic pieces help consumers connect with the product, and a distinct type style tells the brand story and describes the many ways the product can be enjoyed.

As always with our branding and packaging projects, we set out to boost visibility on shelf and get products moving. According to Mark Angel, Managing Director at Black Garlic it seems we have managed it: “The new branding continues to work its magic... the result has been a very significant and sustained jump in sales!. We’re certainly happy with that.