Launching a brand that doesn't follow the herd.

Yorkshire Creamery Disciplines: Branding & Packaging

Bringing personality and fun to the cheese market was a challenge we relished.

Yorkshire Creamery planned on doing this through great tasting, award-winning products with lots of personality. In short, they wanted to stir up the dairy category.

The brief was to create authentic branding that’s bold and fresh, while promoting quality and taste. Starting with cheese it had to be just right, for their unique range with great names and intriguing flavours.

Our team came up with a lively concept, impactful packaging and all the brand assets to support it, including the photography and web design. We managed the qual and quant for the branding and packaging research too. After all, it needed to cut through a mature, crowded and commoditised category.

With the focus on locally produced milk and cows naturally grazing in the Yorkshire Dales, there was a great message at the heart of our concept. Authentic, light hearted with a bold personality. Using the back end of a cow, our packaging that’s rooted in happiness, is perfect for a brand that delivers serious flavour without taking life too seriously.