Blending great packaging with a great story.

Tetley Tea Disciplines: Packaging

Tetley created a new tea blend. Our job? Serve up a great on-pack brand story and some refreshing new packaging.

Drawing on 175 years of tea blending experience, Tetley decided to create a specialist new premium blend using their finest teas. Sourced from the very best tea estates at the foothills of Mount Kenya, the blend is distinctively fresh, crisp and bursting with rich and aromatic tones. A tea this special deserves a brand that encapsulates its unique qualities. The brief was then extended to create a new sub-range to include their already successful Extra Strong and Blend of Both products.

We worked closely with Tetley and their agencies to research and then develop a brand strategy and also devise the name Kenyan Gold. Our team then got their heads together over a cup or two of this inspiring blend to develop a true sense of its provenance with evocative packaging and an interesting on-pack story. We then included the existing Extra Strong and Blend of Both under the new sub-range title of The Blend Collection.